MFAA relaunches Women in Broking Network

by Julia Corderoy11 Aug 2015
The MFAA has launched a major re-brand of its Women in Broking Network (WIMBN).

Speaking at the MFAA’s WIMBN national roadshow last week, chief executive Siobhan Hayden announced the relaunch, admitting she was not a huge advocate of WIMBN in the past.

“I was very critical of the WIMBN branding when I joined. I personally was not a huge advocate. I thought that we needed to be broader than just women in the industry,” she told the WIMBN roadshow held in Sydney last week.

“Women and diversity in business is not just a female domain. There are lots of business owners that are male as well and I was really passionate about ideally attracting 50% male participation at these types of events.”

Hayden told Australian Broker that the decision to rebrand WIMBN was about finding a deeper relevance.

“WIMBN was an established initiative within the MFAA, however I felt strongly that it needed to find a deeper relevance that simply ‘women’.  

“I personally do not see business through a lens of gender and from meeting with customers around the country it was clear that there are broader lifestyle, health and diversity concerns within our industry.”  

The new WIMBN brand will now centre around the acronym SOLD: social responsibility, opportunities for women, lifestyle wellbeing and diversity of cultures in Australia.

“WIMBN is a MFAA brand that will be used to structure educational content on a range of non-core business initiatives related to lifestyle, wellness, social responsibility and cultural diversity,” Hayden told Australian Broker.

“Simply put, it is broader than discussing ‘opportunities for women’.  I hope to engage Finance Brokers with educational content related to the health, wellbeing and tools to support the personal side of running their business, regardless of whether those attending are male or female.”