MFAA urging brokers to get in front of local MPs

by Julia Corderoy21 Jun 2016
The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) is urging brokers to connect with their local politicians in light of ASIC’s remuneration review. 

“We all feel that the industry needs to do more to promote the positive benefits of brokers with all stakeholders more broadly, but especially to their respective federal parliamentarians,” the MFAA has said in a statement.

“We feel that these elected representatives need to hear from their constituents about the consumer benefits a broker provides.”

The MFAA has now thrown its support behind the MyBrokerMyChoice website, designed to help brokers promote the positive benefits of the profession to key stakeholders. The website was launched by AFG earlier this year, however, free of AFG branding, the MFAA is promoting the industry at large to take advantage of the resources. 

“This site makes it easy for all brokers to send a clear message to their representatives and to ask their customers to do the same,” the MFAA said. 

“We need to send the message to these decision influencers that mortgage brokers are consumer advocates, local employers and voters.”

The Association has announced it will assist in promoting the site to its members, encouraging all brokers and aggregator bodies to use it to develop a collective voice to represent the benefits of the profession to both political parties. 

“We are working closely with the major political parties but this adds another voice to the arena with professional templates and information, so all representatives can see that the industry drives healthy consumer choices. 

“We hope that in the coming weeks brokers access the site and educate their local representatives, media and any other group that, without brokers, consumers are not likely to have such beneficial choices.”


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    Should I also take a begging bowl with me!?