Moody Kiddell & Partners launches new program to assist owner-operator brokers

New program to give brokers an opportunity to use the firm's proprietary system

Moody Kiddell & Partners launches new program to assist owner-operator brokers


By Jonalyn Cueto

Moody Kiddell & Partners (MKP), a specialist asset finance broker, has announced the launch of MKP Platinum, which will provide owner-operator brokers access to features that can help them take a decent break, a news release said.

Those who are commercial asset finance brokers with established books of clients, writing in excess of $25 million in asset finance per annum will get access to MKP Platinum and its unique features, according to the news release. The features of the MKP Platinum include four weeks of relief per year, and a symmetric contract term.

Having a better system for managing

“Owner-operator brokers don’t really have the opportunity to take any decent breaks. If they want to go away, they either have to keep taking calls, or risk losing clients and, importantly, introducers,” said Alex Moody, CEO of MKP. He notes the new system will also provide brokers an option to sell their business to MKP should they choose.

“It is a tragedy that many owner-operator brokers get to the end of their career and simply close their doors,” said Moody.

“All the value in their business disappears. MKP provides all MKP Platinum brokers a built-in option to sell to us using a pre-agreed formula, offering market-leading valuation multiples for businesses this size.”

The company said MKP Platinum offers “centralised management services” (CMS) and “centralised operations services” (COS), allowing brokers to leverage the Moody Kiddell brand in the marketplace. The CMS will cover marketing, finance, and IT infrastructure, while the COS will provide accreditation management as well as end-to-end loan processing to help keep the broker from touching a lender’s system. Also, with the COS, the broker can use MKP’s Skybolt system, a CRM that allows brokers to have an overview of their clientele, giving them a preview of their opportunity pipeline and settled deals and enabling them to manage their opportunity status and calculate repayments more easily.

“One reason why so many finance brokers’ businesses end up valueless is because they don’t have any data on their clients,” said Moody. “When a broker joins MKP Platinum, they will start to use Skybolt and build in all this rich data about their client. Their business will be more valuable whether they look to sell it or keep it in their family.”

To learn more about MKP Platinum, contact Alex Moody on 0408 244 442 or email: [email protected].

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