More banks offering $1,000 cash back

by AB03 Jun 2014
Three regional banks are offering a $1000 cash back carrot hot on the heels of a Commonwealth Bank deal to extend the same offer.

The enticement will be available to customers who have discharged their St. George, Bank SA or Bank of Melbourne home loans because their property has sold from 1 June to 31July and return to those banks within six months for their next home loan.

The offer is only available for applications received under the Advantage Package for new home loan borrowings of $150,000 or more and the new loan must settle by 31 January next year.

Customers must hold transaction accounts for the subscribed bank and direct debit their repayments in order to receive the offer.

Customers who are requesting the $1,000 cashback must present the discharge form that includes the $1,000 cashback voucher to the broker when they apply for their next home loan. 

The $1,000 cash back offer seems to be the popular way to entice customers – P&N Bank is also offering the same, for all new refinance applications submitted with new money of $50,000 or more.

Applications must be conditionally approved before the end of this month to be eligible for this offer. 


  • by Broker 3/06/2014 3:57:21 PM

    Which just equates to a slap in the face to your average Broker!