Mortgage broking stalwart returns to industry in CEO role

by Adam Smith05 Mar 2014
A high profile leader who left the mortgage broking industry last year has returned to take the reins of a technology company.

Sal Cinque, the co-founder and former general manager of sales and marketing for National Mortgage Brokers, has returned to the mortgage industry after stepping down from NMB in March of last year. Cinque will take on the role of CEO for technology company Infinitive.

Cinque takes over from outgoing CEO Jega Rajan.

“It is a privilege to be part of Infinitive, as it is uniquely positioned as the only proprietor of a lead-to-lodgement platform for lenders and mortgage brokers. This appears to be the industry’s best kept secret and I look forward to building the awareness of Infinitive and its capabilities," Cinque said.

Cinque said part of his role would also be a shift in perspective for the company.

"Also high on the list of priorities is to transform the way Infinitive perceives itself, from a technology company to a customer service business, which facilitates the connection of buyers and sellers with leading e-commerce solutions. By collaboratively focusing on the business requirements of our customers, the group’s results will look after themselves.”


  • by Andrew Jones 5/03/2014 9:07:14 AM

    More fluff from a dying business. All aggregators and other IT companies already have full lead to lodgement systems so maybe Sal should do his market research......About time outgoing CEO Jega Ragan was moved on...or is it another Pisces rising event.

  • by Kon Avramidis 5/03/2014 9:26:06 AM

    Congratulations Sal, and a great outcome for Infinitive.
    Look forward to once again work with you.

  • by Wilko 5/03/2014 9:54:31 AM

    Dying business? Not sure what financials Andrew Jones has been reading but they look fine to me. And despite the fact that everyone has a system we all know they are far from perfect so lets see what Infinitive do in the future. Viva competition.