Mortgage Choice team member's journey through hell - and why it was totally worth it

by Mackenzie McCarty08 Mar 2013

Remember Josh Foote? The intrepid Mortgage Choice team leader we wrote about in January, who vowed to take on Africa’s highest peak in the name of charity? Well, he did.

Last year, Foote, an infrastructure team leader, boasted to work mates that he would happily climb a mountain for a good cause. His co-workers took him up on it, and six months later the urban Australian found himself in a group of 15 climbers, eight guides, four cooks and 37 porters at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania in a high-stakes effort to raise money for Ronald McDonald House.

“It was amazing – I’ve never done anything quite like it in my life,” says the 32 year-old, who says he’s still feeling slightly dazed since arriving home earlier this week.

“Food was pretty average though,” he laughs, “It’s a lot of high-energy, high-carb stuff like fried eggs, some not very nice sausages and stale bread. It gave me a bit of food poisoning on the last few days!”

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