Mortgage lender snaps up industry veterans

by Miklos Bolza21 Sep 2017
Mortgage lender and wholesale funder Better Choice  Home Loans has announced two new senior appointments to its team.

Natalie Sheehan will step into the role of head of relationship management while Tom Wells will be the firm’s new Queensland business development manager.

Together, they bring more than 20 years of experience to Better Choice. Both most recently worked as business development managers with non-bank lender Homeloans with Sheehan holding a senior role. Wells also spent over ten years working as a BDM with aggregator Australian Finance Group (AFG).

There has never been a better time to work in the non-bank lending space, Sheehan said, especially with brokers and customers seeking alternatives to the major banks.

“Price differentiation, a tightening of servicing and credit policy and market ‘noise’ is pushing customers to look for alternatives, and non-bank lenders are well positioned to offer brokers solutions for a wide range of customers.”

Sheehan added that her main goal in her new role is to “significantly increase awareness on the wider shopfront of solutions Better Choice can offer brokers who are looking for alternatives to the major banks”.

Wells said his new role at Better Choice will give him the opportunities to specialise in the niche solutions offered through the wholesale funder in the self-employed, specialist and low doc space.

The Better Choice team continues to grow this year on the back of exponential volume growth after the consolidation of Future Financial, Iden Loan Services, Better Choice and Pioneer Mortgage Services into the single corporate entity.

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  • by BUSTED 21/09/2017 8:55:46 AM

    Good pick up but a bit rough as to why you wouldn't refer to Tom Wells as a senior BDM also?
    Interesting your article didn't acknowledge the departure of Troy McLachlan. Great GM of that group and he was the mainstay and face of that business over the last 10 or so years? A big loss.

  • by More Busted 21/09/2017 5:31:47 PM

    Departure of Troy McLachlan has been coming a long time. The high staff turn over will be sure to decrease with better management.

  • by FinInn 25/09/2017 7:27:21 AM

    Quality acquisitions, definitely. Troy departure definitely worth an article in own right. Steered Future Financial well during some difficult periods for the industry. He will do very well for whoever grabs him.