Mortgage marketplace unveils upgraded broker dashboard

The firm says its new platform will allow brokers to track their performance while offering better outcomes for consumers

Mortgage marketplace unveils upgraded broker dashboard



Mortgage marketplace HashChing has overhauled its broker dashboard, adding a number of features that let brokers visualise, track and boost their performance.

The cornerstone of the upgrade is a set of performance analytics which measure personal metrics such as the number of reviews, average response time and success rate for each individual broker.

Brokers can use the dashboard to improve their service and see how far they need to progress before becoming a premium broker.

“Premium brokers get more leads and subsequently, more exposure and customer opportunities. They are also automatically promoted on any of HashChing’s partner websites,” CIO Atul Narang told Australian Broker.

Users will be able to dig deep into the analytics for their lead pipeline to examine percentages of leads clicking through their profile, the status of current leads in the system, and the postcodes where most leads are sourced from.

The update is a response to recent industry conversations around driving positive consumer outcomes in the mortgage and finance industry, Narang said.

“We believe it’s important to keep brokers accountable to customers, and from day one, we have maintained that partner brokers need to have a minimum 4/5 rating on HashChing in order to continue receiving leads.

These ratings are garnered from building genuine relationships with the client rather than just pushing deals through, he said.

“So, to get high ratings brokers need to move beyond simply performing tasks for their clients. They need to work towards understanding who they are dealing with, their situation and how best to help them.
“If someone experiences a drop in their ratings they need to step up their game with their existing leads. Achieving higher reviews will eventually average out the weaker ones and allow them to regain a strong rating.”

Those who continue to perform poorly will be removed from the platform.

HashChing's newest update to its broker dashboard makes it easier for brokers to quantify their performance, understand which areas – if any – need improvement, and also identify any new opportunities based on analysing their leads pipeline," Narang continued.

Making these metrics more transparent for brokers will benefit the industry and encourage brokers to strive for a higher quality of service while maximising their deal flow, he said.

The dashboard itself displays overdue leads and notifications issued. A new webinar section has also been added that contains education content on how to best use HashChing’s digital tools.

Focusing outwards to the consumer, brokers will also be able to send a link to their personal HashChing profile to potential customers, showcasing their existing rating and reviews.

The dashboard will provide positive consumer outcomes by acting as a sort of broker scorecard, Narang said. 

“An important part of this feedback is to show brokers how far off they are from reaching premium level, which adds incentive. Premium status is based on three factors, conversion rate, 4/5 star reviews and responding to leads in less than 24 hours. The last two directly translate into better customer outcomes, which means HashChing is developing a service culture based on positive customer experiences.”

The dashboard also provides clear visibility of a broker's KPI's including; average response time, ratings, reviews and conversion, he added.

“Giving our partner brokers the best-in-breed technology tools has always been a key area of focus for HashChing. This latest overhaul to the broker dashboard demonstrates our commitment to continue optimising and enhancing the experience for brokers, and we look forward to announcing further upgrades in the near future.”

Following this, HashChing will garner feedback from its broker partners about future improvements including a potential broker leaderboard and balanced scorecard.

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