Moula on the driving force behind its growth

The company is dedicated to strengthening broker relationships and ecosystem partnerships

Moula on the driving force behind its growth


By Mina Martin

Moula is celebrating its 10th year of empowering small businesses in Australia – and part of this success is the Australian SME lender’s extensive network of partners across the finance and technology sectors.

“We are proud members of the lending panels of various aggregators and actively participate in industry and broker events and PD days to maintain strong broker relationships and advocate for industry regulation,” said Sam Sfeir, Moula’s head of sales.  

Moula’s dedication to empowering brokers and building strong partnerships has been a driving force for the company’s growth. Its team of experienced business development managers actively engages in the marketplace, positioning Moula as a go-to resource for brokers.

As a former BDM at Moulay, Sfeir understands how important it is for brokers to diversify.

“To enable brokers to diversify into the world of commercial finance, we provide a suite of educational materials and tools,” he said. “The weekly ‘Good Business Deals’ highlight key considerations behind recent funding decisions, providing valuable insights to brokers. These initiatives complement the suite of tools to assist brokers in providing quotes, testing scenarios, and marketing their databases.”

A champion for broker diversification, Sfeir said “non-bank business lending is becoming a more attractive opportunity for brokers to diversify their product offering.”

Non-banks have witnessed robust growth in business lending, which, as of early 2023, surged to an impressive 25% on a six-month-ended annualised basis. These firms capitalise on the opportunity as traditional banks have been exiting certain areas of business lending.

“This shift presents a compelling opportunity for brokers to step in and bridge the gap,” Sfeir said. “By providing their customers with access to a wider range of financing options, brokers can better cater to the diverse needs of their clientele, offering more flexible, tailored and innovative financial solutions.”

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