NAB named as best lender at PEXA Awards

by Mike Wood25 Oct 2021

Conveyancing giant PEXA has held its fourth annual awards, with NAB being named as the best lender.

The Big Four bank was garlanded at the 2021 PropertyX Innovate Awards, which reward innovative behaviour in the property settlements space.

NAB was singled out for the changes that it had made in its internal processes to become the fastest financial institution in terms of the time taken to verify settlements for home buyers.

PEXA chief customer officer Lisa Dowie said that the awards had put the spotlight on the amazing pace of innovation in the property settlement industry that had been brought upon by the pandemic.

“Particularly during Covid, it has been remarkable to see how they’ve dealt not only with the pivot, which was required to navigate that environment, but also how they have continued to innovate and embrace the digitisation that is happening right across the industry,” she told Australian Broker.

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“Ultimately, our customers and PEXA are striving to provide Australia home buyers and sellers with the best possible settlement experience. These awards are in their fourth year, and it’s been great to see the number of new entries that we are seeing and the new types of innovation that are going on with all these different businesses across the country.”

“What has been evident over the last 12 months is the amount of change a business can institute if they really have to. Often, many obstacles can be put in place for change occurring, whether big or small organisations, and what has been really evident is how fast organisations can move when they have to and the benefits that they can reap.”

“I think that we’re going to see ongoing, fast-paced innovation and digitisation across the industry because businesses now know that they can and that there’s huge benefits to be gained that improve the customer experience, which is what everyone is striving to do.”