NAB takes swipe at lender 'aggression'

by 20 Feb 2014

A top NAB exec has taken a swipe at the bank's competitors for “aggressive” tactics designed to gain market share.

Joseph Healy, head of the NAB's business banking and Asia operations told The Australian NAB had in recent years “walked away from transactions [where] we simply do not like the credit risk”.

"Some other institutions have an appetite for risk we simply don't have, even though we want to grow our business,” said Healy. “It's a big, big mistake to start taking on higher risk exposures simply for the sake of growing,"

While not mentioning names, Healy hit out at one competitors tactics.

"One particular institution has been very aggressive, and that aggression is evident in the market share or the growth they've seen."


  • by AggressiveNAB 20/02/2014 6:37:07 PM

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