National ADI loan book grows by 7%

by Miklos Bolza03 Apr 2017
Home loan growth across Australia’s banks continues to grow, according to the latest figures from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

The regulator’s latest Monthly Banking Statistics released on Friday (31 March) show the total residential loan book, including owner-occupiers and investors, for all banks in the country was $1.536trn as of February, an increase of $104bn (or 7.3%) from the year before.

Month-by-month, the total loan book value increased by $6.6bn (or 0.4%) from January.

As of February, owner-occupiers equated for $993bn (64.6%) of the total national loan book with investors taking up the remaining $543bn (35.4%).

Investor loans increased by 4.7% across all Australian banks between February 2016 and February 2017, while owner-occupier lending rose by 8.7%.

Between the big four banks, the residential loan books were split up as follows with CBA the clear leader in investment lending growth:
Bank Owner-occupier loan book Change year-on-year Investor loan book Change year-on-year
ANZ $159bn 8.3% $82bn 1.1%
CBA $271bn 7.6% $139bn 8.4%
NAB $138bn 5.7% $101bn 4.6%
Westpac $237bn 7.3% $143bn 5.4%

For owner-occupier lending, the top five major banks in February this year were as follows (with total owner-occupier loan book in parentheses):
  • ING ($32bn)
  • Suncorp ($29bn)
  • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank ($23bn)
  • Macquarie Bank ($17bn)
  • Bank of Queensland ($16bn)
On the other hand, investment lending was highest at the following non-major banks (with total investment loan book in parentheses):
  • Suncorp ($12bn)
  • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank ($12bn)
  • Bank of Queensland ($11bn)
  • ING ($9bn)
  • Macquarie Bank ($9bn)
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