New brokerage lodges $60 million in one month 'thanks to real estate agent partnership'

by AB04 Sep 2013

Brokerage group Shore Financial, established in February of this year, lodged over $60 million in home loans applications in August 2013.

“Our results are more than pleasing,” says Shore Financial sales director, Theo Chambers. “Shore Financial’s recent success can be attributed to a number of factors, including broker recruitment, high level of engagement and increased referrals from the Richardson & Wrench agent network and a stronger property market.”

In April this year, Shore Financial announced an exclusive partnership with Richardson & Wrench real estate and Andrew Cocks, the real estate company’s executive director, says the partnership is ‘unique’ compared to other referral models.

“The partnership is such a success because the financial services offering is truly, fully integrated within the real estate business. Every R&W real estate office is able to adapt the financial services offering to their business model to best suit their clients. Shore Financial is has become part of the agents’ business.”

Chambers also believes that part of the secret to Shore Financial’s record growth has come from brokers attending open house inspections and auction nights, as well as R&W agents working together with the Shore Financial brokers.

“Consumers are embracing the chance to save thousands of dollars from our brokers providing free second opinions on their current home loan pre-approval,” he says.

Shore Financial is feeling confident for the remainder of this financial year and are on track to write $100 million in home loan lodgements per month by the end of 2013.

“Shore Financial has recently purchased a commercial office on Mount Street, North Sydney to make room for new mortgage brokers wanting to join the group and has expanded with the addition of Shore Financial Planning,” says Chambers.