​New cloud-based solution to ‘streamline’ mortgages

by 21 Feb 2014
RP Data has today announced a new partnership designed to put the Australian mortgage industry at the forefront of the digital revolution.

The company has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with DocuSign to Australian and New Zealand real estate, conveyancing and mortgage industry professionals.

Eitan Saban, managing director, DocuSign APAC, says the deal is a “huge win” for the mortgage industry.

 “As a market leader, our partnership with RP Data helps us expand the reach of DocuSign as the global standard for signature into new and important APAC markets to deliver a positive impact on our customer ecosystem.”

RP Data CEO Graham Mirabito says the offering will “revolutionise the entire eco system of buying and selling property, mortgages and settlement in Australia”.

“The whole RP Data property and mortgage services value chain will benefit from DocuSign’s industry-leading real estate transaction management platform which provides collaborative and mobile cloud-based solutions and allows everyone involved in a real estate transaction to securely manage, share and sign documents from any computer or mobile device,” said Mirabito.

“DocuSign empowers real estate professionals to streamline transactions, stay organised and productive while on the go. Ultimately this will create a better experience for home buyers, sellers, investors and people renting.

“As the trusted global standard for eSignature, DocuSign is a tremendous opportunity for our customers. Worldwide, electronic signature capabilities have become a ‘must-have’ for businesses who want to remain competitive, and DocuSign’s secure, cloud-based solution works exceptionally well among our offerings,”


  • by QAL 21/02/2014 9:29:59 AM

    One word - brilliant!