New MFAA directors reveal focus for future

by Amy Rosenfeld25 Nov 2013

The MFAA has announced the appointment of three new directors to its board.

The new faces are Jeana Scott, Amanda Scott and Stephen Moore, while Tim Brown officially took up his position as MFAA President, Cynthia Grisbrook became Vice President and Ray Slack as Treasurer.

Jeana Scott, finance consultant of Kandu Finance Solutions, has a wealth of banking, finance knowledge and experience both in Australia and overseas over the last 40 years, while being the current MFAA Queensland President.
“I put my hand up and I’m honoured to be there working with such good people. I’m pleased to be able to contribute in such a way to the industry,” she told Australian Broker Online.
As a “working broker” Scott says she is pleased to be able to represent this demographic in her new role.
“The MFAA represents all parts of the industry, not just brokers, but it’s important that the brokers have a strong voice and look at how we as credit advisers can help to further the industry.”
One of her key focus areas going forward will be finding ways to attract young talent to the industry and promoting broking as a viable career path for young people, she said. Growing awareness of the profession in the consumer space will also be an important goal.
Amanda Scott has over 25 years banking and finance experience, having been with ANZ for most of her career. She commenced with ANZ in regional South Australia and has been with ANZ Broker Distribution since 2001.
Scott told Australian Broker Online she intends to be a voice for the states of South Australia and the Northern Territory, having first taken up a position with the MFAA in 2003 as a SA/NT MFAA councillor. She is also currently on the Regional Council of FINSIA and the Chair of their SA Leadership Committee. 
“I am looking forward to making a contribution to specific, and positive industry changes, that will not only benefit the growth of MFAA as an organisation, but most importantly for the sustainability of our member base, and their businesses,” she said.
Stephen Moore is also an experienced finance veteran and is currently chief executive officer of Choice Home Loans and Chair of the MFAA National Brokers Committee.

“To be recognised as a true profession you need a strong industry association standing behind you and the MFAA does that for the mortgage broking industry. I am looking forward to playing a role in shaping the future of the industry and the association on behalf of all members," said Moore.
Brown, MFAA National President and Chief Executive Officer of Vow Financial in Sydney, said “It is very pleasing to now have four female directors, representing one third of MFAA national board, signifying the heightened role women are playing in the mortgage and finance industry across Australia.
“It is important we have a very strong board as we face a number of important market and regulatory challenges over the next year, including the launch of a new Federal Government inquiry into the finance industry”, he concluded.


  • by Malcolm 25/11/2013 9:59:09 AM

    I'm sure they are all nice people however where see the heavy hitters and true industry leaders? MFAA doesn't seem to attract them these days.

  • by First things 25/11/2013 10:00:10 AM

    First thing would be to ensure membership is not compulsory - given we now have licencing. eg CBA insistence that you still must be a part of MFAA or FBAA to lodge deals. Make it up to the individual if they 'want' to join, and the 2 groups will get better 'but-in' from the members they attract.

  • by dpathle 25/11/2013 10:43:57 AM

    I just had a look at the financials for the MFAA for 2013 and if this was a business I was in control of, I would hold my head in shame. I did not know this, but the MFAA spend more on their own wages and events ($6mil approx) than they do on Development and education of their members ($355k). They actually made a loss, which was a difference from expectations of $180k! One terribly run business when you look at the financials.