New white label product aims to help brokers diversify

by Julia Corderoy15 Jan 2015
Short-term finance lender Interim Finance has announced the launch of a new white-label short-term lending product for brokers, which it says will help brokers easily diversify their offering. 

The generic white label package will enable brokers’ complete autonomy throughout the loan process, through branding all documentation with their own company brand. It will include all essential documents, templates and guidelines needed to process a streamlined and compliant short-term loan. 

Interim’s managing director Andrew Littleford says this will enable brokers to execute a loan independently with confidence and help them diversify their offering.

“White Label solutions improve brokers’ value proposition in an increasingly competitive market, and provide a competitive advantage without the risk or investment in a niche market,” he said. 

“The decision to develop our White Label product is a natural progression of the company’s back-end support service. This approach has the dual benefit of increasing the brokers’ profile whilst retaining the confidence of a watertight, streamlined and compliant loan.”

Brokers will also be able to continue to access Interim Finance’s full-service back-end support division, where they can elect to have the loan written and managed on their behalf at no cost. The new product will be available from 2 February.