New white label service unique offering for brokers

by 18 Dec 2013
A leading asset lender has launched a new white label service for brokers.

Assetline's new offering allows brokers to offer clients fast and flexible short-term loans under their own branding, says Assetline co-founder Nick Raphaely.

Brokers will be able to track applications by clients to Assetline electronically, said Raphaely and will be paid a trail for the life of the loan, and for any future transactions by the same client.

"Assetline's White Label service gives brokers an additional service offering for their clients, under their own branding. Our advanced, secure technology drives efficiency in their practices, as loans can be applied for 24/7. They also get the ability to track applications, and benefit from an income trail," says Raphaely.

With banks reigning in the maximum LVR allowable for residential and commercial properties, many property investors are struggling to achieve the necessary levels of gearing. Assetline's solution - which is unique in that it's not property-based - provides added flexibility for borrowers in these situations, he says.

Personal asset lending allows investors to immediately unlock the value of alternative assets that conventional banks don't recognise. 

"We're very excited to be able to offer this new service, which is unique in the Australian market," says Raphaely. "Brokers who have already secured our loans for clients have been delighted with the speed and the results, so we look forward to being able to help more of their clients access the finance they need."