NMB hasn't 'painted the orange purple' after Aussie buy

by Mackenzie McCarty31 Jan 2013

Wholesale mortgage aggregator NMB has welcomed 2013 with a fresh look comprising a new logo and website as part of its ongoing strategy to attract and retain brokers.

Managing director, Gerald Foley, says the new image is the ‘evolution’ of a brand which has serviced brokers for over a decade.

Foley says he’s keen to impart the message that, despite being bought by Aussie Home Loans last July, NMB still maintains its unique identity.

“Aussie acquired NMB back in July and the first part of the process was a review…One thing we felt was important was to refresh our brand and our website – our branding is now over ten years-old -but also to say to the market that ‘we’re still NMB, we’re not becoming a sub-set of Aussie’. We’re here for brokers who want to develop a business under their own brand.”

Foley says CBA’s recent takeover of Aussie Home Loans won’t have much of a direct effect on NMB.

“I don’t see any change to our business going off the back of the CBA acquisition; we’ve got a different target audience.”

He says NMB hopes to expand its broker network in 2013 from its current number (175) to around 250 and that they’re also looking at integrating some of their business platforms with Aussie’s, though he notes that ‘the Aussie model might not be the best model for every broker’, which is why NMB is keen to retain its unique structure.

“NMB will remain a separate wholesale business and will keep on doing what we’ve done best for over a decade, attracting and supporting some of the very best brokers in the industry. Our strategy for 2013 is to continue to strengthen and grow our leading broker network through significant investment in people, software and systems.”

He says the fresh branding symbolises the direction that NMB is taking in terms of its business goals.

“We’re not Aussie – the important thing is to still stay NMB. We haven’t painted the orange purple.”


  • by Michael 31/01/2013 11:05:24 AM

    Very happy to see that it's "evolution not revolution" for this group as they have one of the best reputations around.

    Sharp new web as well.

  • by Tom 1/02/2013 11:05:32 PM

    Hope they continue to recruit to the same quality standard they have currently.