Non-bank snags fixed rate home loan award

by Julia Corderoy01 Oct 2014
Non-bank lender, Mortgage House has won the 2014 CANSTAR Fixed Rate Home Loan award, securing them a five star CANSTAR rating across their fixed rate terms of one, three and five years.

Mortgage House general manager Sean Bombell said that it is the flexibility of features on their fixed rate loans which bagged them the award.

“Customers are left amazed, elated and liberated when they come to the realisation that a free 100% offset account comes with the package. This enables them to save money while their money is in the offset account. They are also able to enjoy unrestricted and free access to their money,” he said.

The customer focused business strategy of Mortgage House has been the key to the company’s success, says Bombell. In the years following the GFC, Mortgage House monitored the types of borrowers who were more likely to fix than others. According to Bombell, there was a general uplift (over 35%) across all borrower types.

“First home buyers, subsequent home buyers and investors have all opted for fixed rates, or a component of their financing solution as a fixed rate component in particular to the additional features which come with our fixed home loans,” he said.