Non-bank supports cancer-fighting campaign

by Maya Breen18 Mar 2015
A non-bank is offering its support to a new campaign aimed at increasing cancer support services.
Homeloans Ltd has put its support behind the recently launched campaign, Buying Time, which encourages Australians to donate just one hour of their time (one hour’s pay) to enable the employment of more breast cancer nurses and support services.
The campaign runs until Tuesday 12 May 2015 with all funds raised during this period shared equally between two of Australia’s leading breast cancer charities – the McGrath Foundation and Breast Cancer Care WA.
Buying Time is the brainchild of Dr Ros Worthington OAM, who founded Breast Cancer Care (BCC) in 2000.
"People who contribute to Buying Time could help a woman with breast cancer to have a better quality of life,” Worthington said.
“I think every one of us knows somebody or has lost somebody to breast cancer,"
"By buying one hour of time, people should know it is really going to make a huge difference in the lives of women with breast cancer.”

Worthington said the campaign would solicit small donations from many people instead of large donations from a few.
”If everyone can donate just $10 or $20 or an hour of their pay, it's going to be absolutely awesome."
With one in eight Australian women being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, Worthington said there is a growing need for support for those affected and people around them.
Homeloans’ national marketing manager Will Keall called the initiative, "one that really stands out as a cause that has such a strong meaning to so many Australians."
"We proudly support Buying Time, and encourage our staff, business partners and customers to please make a donation to a cause which is providing much needed support for Australians impacted by breast cancer," Keall said.
“Even a small donation can make a huge difference.”