Non-bank touts new broker platform

by Julia Corderoy23 Sep 2014
A non-bank lender has announced a new upgrade it says will make the loan process easier for brokers.

Mortgage House CEO, Ken Sayer told Australian Broker that the mortgage software has been upgraded so that is allows a broker to access everything instantly and on-the-go from any smart phone or tablet device.

“Mortgage House has its own proprietary loan origination platform where brokers can manage loans for approval purposes, as well as use it for CRM, contacts and everything else. However, as of Monday, a broker can do everything the software is capable of right from their smartphone or tablet device.

“For example, if a broker is negotiating with the bank and they want to look up a document, they can go into the document portal and look at the group certificate and payslips on-the-go. What is even better than that is if a customer has sent something indirect, they can also view that online instantly on their phone or tablet. It is the entire loan origination platform in the palm of their hands.” 

Sayer said the upgrades were driven by the lender’s commitment to investing in innovative technology for its brokers.

“We love technology at Mortgage House. This is going to enable brokers to get real time updates on their loans and manage their clients on-the-go. Everything will be at their fingertips,” he told Australian Broker.



  • by Jeff Mazzini 23/09/2014 1:38:35 PM

    Will technology eventually undertake the total processing of the loan applications and negate the need for support teams.