Non-bank wins best mortgage fund for eighth time

by Miklos Bolza07 Dec 2016
Money Magazine has named specialist lender La Trobe Financial’s 12 Month Term Account as the Best Mortgage Fund in Australia for the eighth year running.
“No other managed fund has ever achieved such triumph eight years in a row” said Effie Zahos, editor of Money.
Chris Andrews, chief investment officer at La Trobe, said that this was further proof of the firm’s business strategy and its commitment to its principles.
“Our proudest achievement is that we have never lost a cent of capital for any of the investors in our 12 Month Term Account,” he said.
“This is largely due to the strength of our experienced management team and a rigorous adherence to our tested and proven investment philosophy.”
In its 64 years of operation, the stability of its investment team has meant that La Trobe has never had to freeze, restrict or delay any redemptions, Caterina Nesci, La Trobe’s head of communications & PR, told Australian Broker.
“The objective of our 12 Month Term Account is to provide investors with capital-stable and reliable income. Our team is driven by the need for consistency and repeatability of performance.”
“It has used good business sense to thrive in markets where many global giants have fallen, proving that being solid is far more important than being big.”
To ensure stability, all loans approved for the fund meet rigorous credit assessment process targets, she added. This creates a portfolio of small exposures, highly diversified by geography and sector, with strictly controlled loan-to-valuation ratios.
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