Non-major partners with fintech company to improve online banking

by Julia Corderoy24 Aug 2015
Non-major bank ME has partnered with a leading fintech company to deliver innovations for online banking and superannuation. 

The partnership will allow ME to leverage Link Group’s technology platform to offer greater integration between banking and superannuation for its members. This technology platform is part of Link’s information, digital and data services division.

A central objective of the partnership is to develop a single, integrated view of members’ superannuation details within ME’s mobile banking app. 

By utilising Link’s technology platform and data insights, ME says it will be able to offer a more personalised, tailored banking and superannuation experience for its members.

“We always think outside of the box when it comes to future innovation, and we’re looking forward to working with Link to bring some of these ideas to life and help drive member engagement for our industry super fund owners,” ME chief marketing officer, Rebecca James said.