On the cusp of $2 billion per month: Aggregator announces record settlements

by AB15 Aug 2013

Connective’s broker membership have recorded their ‘best ever’ settlement months, settling $1.73b and $1.71b in May and June, respectively.

Glenn Lees, Connective principal, says the aggregator is ‘primed to build momentum further’ and predicts more milestones will topple over the coming months

 “While we await final settlement figures for July, we are optimistic about our prospects of eclipsing past records given that lodgements for July were also a record figure,” says Lees.

“We are witnessing growth across all markets. Our more established eastern seaboard markets continue to perform and we’re gaining traction in strategic locations of focus, such as Western Australia, where we’ve experienced 67% year-on-year growth over the past 12 months.”

Lees says the settlement growth reflects not just an increasing number of brokers choosing Connective as their aggregator, but also an increased level of productivity coming from their existing membership.

“We devote considerable resources to assisting our members to operate more efficient and profitable businesses, and these latest figures demonstrate that our strategies are working. Based on analysis of past trends, we expect to reach our next major milestone of $2 billion in settlements by the end of the calendar year.”