ORDE Financial on delivering a broker-centric proposition to the market

The non-bank talks about its most important value-add for brokers

ORDE Financial on delivering a broker-centric proposition to the market


By Mina Martin

ORDE Financial is a purpose-built lender for brokers that is committed to providing outstanding service and flexible solutions across a comprehensive, non-bank product set. Paul Wells, CEO and managing director, and Ryan Harkness, chief lending officer and managing director, explained how the company successfully delivers a broker-centric proposition to the whole broker market.

ORDE has a deeply experienced, high-volume lending team that offers a full and flexible product set, consistently fast turnaround times, and “can do” credit solutions and provides easy access to decision-makers, dramatically improving cloud digital solutions and broader relationship enhancement.

“We set ORDE’s priorities through a strategic lens we call the ORDE Broker Experience,” Wells and Harkness said. “The business is built from the ground up to allow scaling of service standards so we can always maintain great relationships at higher application volume levels. Our aim is to reverse the degradation of broker service standards presently attached to volume lending.”

ORDE is focused on making the most of great people, and not just having them on board, they said.

“Again, the ORDE Broker Experience orients our team engagement to deliver outcomes for brokers,” Wells and Harkness said. “Engagement spans our One Lending Team culture, continually improving processes and extensive digital facilitation. We also empower our team to creatively work through customer solutions, and we consistently invest in team members. Plus, because we digitise mundane processes, our team have more interesting roles and derive immense satisfaction from delivering positive results.” 

For ORDE Financial, the “most important value-add for brokers, beyond consistently high service, is delivering solutions for more complex or nuanced scenarios.”

“We often help company and trust borrowers and assist people with genuinely complex borrower circumstances and/or security profiles,” Wells and Harkness said. “Our deep experience means we can take a different view of tricky lending scenarios, resulting in niche solutions that, in our experience, other lenders cannot reliably match. Very often these are deals that can take a lot of broker time and create frustration and uncertainty. A relationship with ORDE allows brokers to take on these deals and do so with confidence that they can deliver timely solutions to their customers.”

The non-bank’s lending team is expected to maintain standard service levels for these deals. Brokers also get additional support through direct access to a scenarios desk, to provide clarity and authority as quickly as possible.

“Experience has taught us that the most valuable cornerstone a non-bank lender can offer a broker is to deliver outstanding service and solutions on the complex and nuanced transactions, as well as the more typical deals,” Wells and Harkness said.

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