P2P borrowing up 45% year on year

ASIC research shows that alternative funding marketplace continues to pick up steam

P2P borrowing up 45% year on year


By Madison Utley

Recent surveys conducted by ASIC have made it clear that the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending marketplace is continuing to grow in conjunction with the increasing demand for alternative funding sources.

During the 2017-18 financial year, new P2P borrowing increased 45% to $433m, and outstanding loans were up 59% to $518m.

While these numbers have “increased significantly” from the 2016-17 figures, the data did indicate a slight slowing in the rate of investor and borrower growth, according to ASIC.

Respondents reported a total of 13,446 investors and 31,421 borrowers in the P2P space as of June 2018.

In 2017-18, a total of $352m was invested in the platforms surveyed.

The data collected also revealed that rates of default have increased to 2.9% of total loan value, up from 2.3% last year.

According to ASIC commissioner Danielle Press, “The surveys help ASIC better understand the make-up of these developing sectors and how to facilitate their growth while at the same time manage any regulatory risks they pose compared with more traditional lending and fundraising approaches.”

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