Pepper Money on fostering a culture of success

The non-bank isn't resting on its laurels

Pepper Money on fostering a culture of success


By Mina Martin

In the competitive landscape of non-bank lending, Pepper Money stands out, not just for its financial offerings but for its unique approach centered around people and relationships.

Ben McKell, national sales manager for commercial at Pepper Money, said the company’s distinctive culture, characterised by a shared commitment to success and support, sets it apart.

“I really love the culture that we have at Pepper Money and the people that all want to succeed and see others succeed together,” McKell said. “There will be fails along the way as well. But I know, hand on heart, that if I’ve got a problem, I can reach out to my direct report … or my colleagues and peers. It’s not just work; it’s a family. And our broker partners are an extension of our family also – we want to help everyone to succeed.” 

Ashleigh Pakis, mortgage specialist from Panache Financial shared the sentiment, adding that this aspect also impacts broker and client relationships.

“[Pepper Money] understand the circumstances of people’s diverse situations and where they’ve come from – it’s more of a personable relationship with the client, not just a transactional-based relationship,” Pakis said, adding that the focus tends to be on long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes.

FinSelect Group’s managing director, Clem Kian, agreed that Pepper Money’s corporate culture made his dealings with clients easier.

“[I’ve helped] countless clients where the option, the solution that Pepper Money has offered, has made a real difference,” Kian said. “Any time I’ve had an issue, they’ve been very responsive and very helpful.”

Many brokers also cited speed and accessibility as being a dealbreaker in several cases.

“But it’s also the way they go about doing business and collaborate which we appreciate,” said John Alvarez, director and investor at FinSelect Group.

Prioritising innovation

Barry Saoud, head of mortgages at Pepper Money, said it was important that Pepper Money not rest on its laurels.

“We want to continue to be that leading first-choice non-bank lender,” Saoud said. “We’re continually focused on improving ourselves and our business and better supporting our brokers.”

This commitment manifests through ongoing product expansion and innovation. Recent initiatives include the introduction of self-managed super fund lending, diversification of lending options for commercial and residential sectors, increased debt limits, and an unwavering dedication to industry-leading service levels.

“We’re continuing to enhance what we are currently doing and optimising to ensure that we’re delivering brokers the best possible service,” Saoud said.

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