Plans underway for National Finance Broker's Day 2018

The event aims to promote awareness of all the benefits a broker can offer

Plans underway for National Finance Broker's Day 2018


By Rebecca Pike

Organisers are gearing up for the next National Finance Broker’s Day (NFBD) with a new social media profile frame.

The event, now in its third year, will be held on 15 August. It aims to promote awareness so that consumers can have a clearer understanding of the benefits brokers offer.

At the event last year, NFBD founder Dino Pacella and Yellow Brick Road (YBR) founder Mark Bouris joined together to record a livestream Facebook video where they answered questions from consumers about the industry.

Pacella said that this year’s event was to highlight the human element between a broker and consumer during a transaction.

He added, “What that sounds like for me is it goes beyond pricing and it goes beyond a structured approach. It is forming that financial relationship where brokers can assist with that immediate need, but then also be that education point for those consumers.

“If they need something beyond that settlement, that transaction, then they have that go-to person as that trusted advisor that they can go to for future financial guidance. Given brokers have such a wide net of professionals within the industry of real estate and financial services they can really use brokers with other avenues they might not be able to do themselves.

“A large handful of brokers work for themselves, so really want to drive out the right outcomes for their clients and they are really proactive in seeking out that business. That just increases the competitive nature of our industry to the next level and we’ve seen that happen more and more and we’re seeing it happen given the regulatory environment that’s played out over the last couple of months. We’re seeing that to a next level of service that maybe wasn’t done three or four years ago.”

The event will be based out of Sydney, as YBR’s Bouris rejoins Pacella for the day.

To add the frame to your profile on Facebook, simply tap the profile picture and select Add Frame from the top of the menu. You can then type in NFBD into the search bar.


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