Property investors switch to 'sell' mode

by Julia Corderoy13 Oct 2014
More data reveals that the reign of property investment may be on the way out, as more and more property investors are switching to ‘sell’ mode.

The latest survey of investor intentions by Investment Trends has found that more respondents planned to sell than buy an investment property in the coming month.

Since the index's inception in September 2011, those who have said they intended to buy have consistently outnumbered those who say they planned to sell, according to Fairfax.

"For the first time there's actually a negative intention," Investment Trends senior analyst Recep Peker told Fairfax.

This comes on the heels of the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealing that the total value of loans to investors fell by 0.1% in August. This represents a huge turnaround after loans to investors rose 6.8% in July.

More data also released last week by RP Data revealed that capital gains and rental yields are diminishing, after median weekly rental rates for both houses and units across the capital cities remained unchanged in the quarter to September.