Providing brokers with unique versatility and connectivity

Lendi Group leader talks about how its platform can help brokers

Providing brokers with unique versatility and connectivity


By Mina Martin

Lendi Group successfully completed the migration of Aussie brokers to its home loan platform in June, two years after the merger of the Aussie and Lendi home brands.

But what does it mean for Aussie’s 1,000 brokers to join the more than 300 Lendi brokers in using what Lendi’s Brad Cramb said was one of the most powerful and unique platforms in the market?

“The key benefit that we see is connectivity – and what I mean by that is live connectivity,” said Cramb, Lendi’s chief distribution officer.

The platform enables brokers and customers to conduct key fact-finding, as well as the application process, across more than two dozen lenders and thousands of loan options – all in real time.

“The real-time interface with the customer is something that really doesn’t exist anywhere else in the industry,” Cramb said.

Brokers typically had to rely on offline processes that could take several hours from time of first contact through to lodgement, followed by weeks of anxious waiting for the customer.

“We’ve digitised that whole process to ensure that the application process and the experience is more seamless for both brokers and customers, with lodgement speeds that are almost four times the industry average,” Cramb said.

This is advantageous for brokers in that they get more time for value-added and customer-focused tasks. And for customers, the benefits are in form of experience and choice.

“[Our] platform provides productivity and operating efficiency through reduced manual processing for the brokers and the customers,” Cramb said. “It enables our brokers to work even closer with their customers and the lenders and really helps deepen those relationships; and importantly, it gives choice to the customer.”

Customers using the platform can select the level of involvement they want in a transaction. Do they want a typical hands-off broker-borrower interaction, or do they want to be able to do much more of the application themselves through the functionality provided to them? The choice is theirs.

For brokers, they can tap into the Platform Plus and Lendi Group’s support systems, to help them find and quickly convert strong leads through back-office support and lead-priming work, including guiding customers through prequalifying.

Brokers can also benefit from the centralised loan processing support and strong knowledge of lending options by Lendi’s client solutions team, which, in turn, can lead to a level of requests for more information (RMIs) from lenders that is less than half the industry average.

Finally, the platform features a range of tools, plus the ability to provide a speedy and superior experience, to ensure brokers can be confident in meeting ever-tougher customer expectations.

“[The] direct integration into lender decision engines… provides our customers with a real-time indication of their likelihood for approval, so the appointment, the submission and the approval can all be made in one day,” Cramb said.

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