Quickli saving brokers time and stress

Online platform evolving into one-stop point

Quickli saving brokers time and stress


By Jayden Fennell

Lender serviceability platform Quickli was designed to eliminate the headache associated with servicing calculators.

Quickli co-founders Eric Dill (pictured above) and Angus Keatinge said the platform was evolving into a one-stop shop for brokers seeking to solve the preliminary assessment bottleneck and become more compliant than ever.

“By checking serviceability and policy for a single deal is usually no walk in the park, especially for new to industry brokers,” broker and co-founder Dill said.

“It can easily take an hour or two of fiddling with multiple spreadsheets, logging into multiple lender portals, waiting on call backs from BDMs and navigating your way through the maze to find the policy information you need.”

Dill said Quickli was working towards bridging the gap between servicing and policy.

“By bringing all of that into one space, we are now officially exporting data directly to the actual lender calculator spreadsheets with a click of a button, preventing significant double data entry,” he said.

Dill said technology helped the mortgage industry save time.

“Brokers are busy enough and we won’t use something that isn’t saving us time,” he said.

“The trick is understanding how to get the right tech for your business. It must work for you.”

Dill said the beauty of Quickli was that it solved a problem every broker faced on a daily basis.

“The preliminary assessment journey is an inescapable and fundamental part of our job. Our hope is that every broker wants to spend less time and resources doing the prelim journey and our tech has been built to enable that,” he said.

Dill said brokers would soon see five to 10 more lenders on the platform, bringing its total to around 30 lenders.

“With policies, prepopulated servicing calculators, the upcoming funds-to-complete calculator, product comparison and postcode lookup tool, we are well on our way to turning a three-hour preliminary assessment job into just a few minutes,” Dill said.

Shore Financial senior credit adviser Christian Stevens (pictured immediately below) said Quickli was an absolute gamechanger.

“You can have a centralised dashboard that calculates in real time a client’s serviceability with every lender simultaneously,” Stevens said.

“It saves at least 30% of the proposal time and allows you to focus on business generating activities, rather than sitting behind a computer all day doing admin work. It also allows brokers to get back to clients faster, which ultimately makes the customer experience better. It is an exceptional platform.”

AAA Financial Group residential loan manager Ollie Lum (pictured below) said the benefit of Quickli was to allow him to do a simple and easy servicing either live with his client or via video.

“I can then also save mine and my team’s time to see and compare results,” Lum said.

“It is a terrific tool which simplifies a clunky task and saves a lot of time.”

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