Quirky client gift ideas

Tired of handing out the same ol' thank yous time and again? Want to make a solid statement out of your client gifts? Then look no further than Insider



The holiday season has come and gone, but it’s never a bad time to show your clients how much you appreciate their business. Bottles of Merlot can get a bit bland, however, so we’ve put together five fresh ideas to help you make a statement with your next client gift...

Chocolate faces

...Chocolates…with your face on them: A café in Shibuya, Tokyo is offering its customers the use of a 3D face scanner, which in turn creates a silicon mould. The mould is then filled with chocolate truffle, perfectly capturing the shape of your smiling face, with the entire process costing $65 (plus a flight to Japan for the face scan).

Personalised fortune cookies

...Personalised fortune cookies: fortunecookies.com.au lets you choose a personalised message to place inside traditionally-shaped fortune cookies, with flavours ranging from rum to barbeque and the intriguingly-titled ‘special fruit cake’.

Scorpion wine

...Scorpion wine…If you enjoy giving clients a bottle of fine wine as a thank-you for doing business, Vietnamese scorpion wine may be just the thing. Not only is it known as a natural remedy for back pain, rheumatism, lumbago and other health conditions - and the ethanol in the spirit destroys the animal’s venom, so it’s safe to drink – but it’s also said to act as a strong aphrodisiac.  Costs about $50, plus shipping.

Flower bouquets

...Flower bouquets are always appreciated and 2013 is all about being eco-chic. Why not tie the two together and offer one of these arty atlas bouquets from ethikl.com ($80)? Alternatively, make your own out of recycled loan documents.

Thank you card

...Chocolate and wine a bit too much? Then perhaps a simple card is in order (nothing too over-the-top though). This one from Greeting Card Universe is elegant, yet understated ($3):

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