Rate Money settles $5bn in loans in four years

It has helped 8,000 self-employed and migrant Aussies

Rate Money settles $5bn in loans in four years


By Mina Martin

Rate Money has hit a record $5 billion in home loan settlements just under four years since its launch, helping more than 8,000 self-employed and migrant Australians.

The news came only seven months after the 100% Australian-owned company achieved its $4 billion milestone in home loan settlements.

Ryan Gair (pictured above left), CEO and co-founder of Rate Money, said the company is extremely proud to have settled $5 billion home loans in just under four years, particularly in the current rising-rate environment, which saw the Reserve Bank lift the OCR to an 11-year high of 4.1%.

“Since establishing in 2019, Rate Money has helped thousands of self-employed Australians get through some of the toughest times business owners have ever experienced,” Gair said.

“Our success lies in the fact that we believe self-employed people are the most reliable borrowers in the country. They’re hard workers who know how to make money, how to save, and how to scrimp in tough times. Our results prove this, and we will continue to keep innovating our product offering in order to provide workable solutions for thousands of self-employed Australians who will be facing even tougher criteria in the years to come.” 

One client, Aaron Graf (pictured above right), owner of Grafscapes Landscaping in Sydney, decided to look into refinancing his current home loan with business partner and wife Lisa. The loan amount sought was $712,500, to fund their house renovations and construct a shed/workshop to grow their landscaping and earthworks business. Their property was valued at $950,000 at the time.

The pair ran into problems when their existing lender could not provide them with the necessary equity release and alternative income evidence to support their refinancing request. Fortunately, they were offered a solution by Rate Money by accepting their income declaration supported by an Accountant Letter, which served as alternative income evidence.

Thanks to the loan, the husband and wife were able to complete their house renovations and successfully construct a large shed and workshop. Not only were they able to enhance the value of their home, their business is flourishing now too.

Rate Money said it will continue to assist self-employed Australians like Graf, by helping them grow their business, offering refinancing options for cash flow, and providing financial solutions for property investments, with their flexible product range, not available with traditional lenders.

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