Renowned BDM lands prestigious hat-trick

Consistency, outstanding expertise and passion are why one of Australia’s top BDMs keeps shining brightly

Renowned BDM lands prestigious hat-trick



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In one of the busiest financial years ever for Bank Australia, a customer-owned bank founded back in 1957, a well-known business development manager has thrived under pressure and challenging circumstances. 

Herry Tjandrasusilo’s sterling performance has stood out so much; he’s been recognised as a 5-Star BDM by Australian Broker for the third year in a row. 

“For me, relationship building is about having a genuine connection with brokers to establish long-term business partnerships,” Tjandrasusilo says.

“This helps with being adaptable to allow flexibility in my approach and adding value to a broker’s business. I believe that by working closely with the Bank Australia support team, we’ve made a huge positive impact on our broker relationships and ultimately on our shared customers.” 

Tjandrasusilo prides himself on delivering for brokers by being honest and always approachable. He goes by two key principles: 

  • underpromising 
  • overdelivering 

The successful BDM strives to provide genuine support, from lending solutions to relevant banking products, to grow a broker’s business and ultimately deliver excellent customer service to their clients. 

Tjandrasusilo is able to execute across four key areas, and his all-around leading performance is what gives him a competitive edge. 

  • Customer service: “For me, it’s about ensuring the whole partnership experience with Bank Australia is as great as possible. Ultimately, broker-introduced clients are delighted that our bank is able to put customers at the centre of everything we do. I educate them about home loan products and support brokers through their journey. This includes workshopping loan scenarios, assisting with applications to be lodged and post-settlement experience.” 
  • Responsiveness: “While on the road and in meetings, we have a designated desk-based team to support our brokers, who are ready to assist when required. Every single phone call or email received always receives a timely response. I also personally return brokers’ phone calls or emails.” 
  • Communication: “I am proactive; it could be a quick phone call or email to update them on various matters. I believe that effective communication plays a significant role in the longevity of our partnerships.” 
  • Product knowledge: “By keeping myself up to date with any changes on home loan product features, including Bank Australia’s risk appetites, I’m able to provide current information to brokers. Industry knowledge is also important to engage brokers in discussions regarding their search for the most appropriate lenders to provide solutions to their clients’ needs.” 

For Tjandrasusilo, offering ethical solutions to brokers is an additional source of pride. 

Bank Australia is a certified B Corp (since 2020), earning an overall score of 116.2, which compares to a median score of 50.9 for ordinary businesses that complete the assessment.

The Bank Australia impact fund donates up to 4% of after-tax profits to projects supporting people and the planet, including their annual community customer grants, and is committed to an ambitious 2035 net zero target and a validated science-based target for 2030. 

“Making a positive impact on people and the planet at the same time is something I believe in doing in partnership with my brokers,” says Tjandrasusilo. 

This collegiate attitude and attention to detail are the building blocks for Tjandrasusilo’s sterling industry-wide reputation. 

He says, “I’m truly humbled to receive this acknowledgement and award voted by brokers for the third consecutive year.” 

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