Report questions logic driving post-commission regulation

Predicts financial services "will look significantly different in ten years’ time"

Report questions logic driving post-commission regulation


By Madison Utley

A recent report has questioned the regulatory outcome of the royal commission recommendations given that Australia’s financial services sector is “so much more than the big four.”

According to a report published by Grant Thornton Australia, “The new banking landscape will be fast paced, adaptable and agile – our regulation needs to match.”

Fintechs and neobanks are named as examples of the types of institutions that should be heavily invested in – those harnessing research, innovation, and technology to provide the highest level of service to customers.

To support growth of non-majors that are performing well by both profit and customer satisfaction measures, regulators should not only aim for a level playing field, but identify and implement ways to facilitate growth and diversity in the sector.

Instead, policymakers have instituted a "disproportionate ‘one size fits all’ regulatory environment to address the problems identified in one particular sub-section” that aren’t evidenced in smaller banks that emphasise customer service. 

“[Post royal commision] cost of regulation is easily absorbed by larger ADIs – the big banks – but can put undue pressure on the smaller ADIs – such as customer-owned institutions – that strive to compete in an environment where the cost of compliance is already burdensome, and the changing nature of technology continues to strain resources,” the report explained.


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