Residential lending hits $1.56trn

While trends in total residential lending are on the rise, some banks show smaller investor loan books overall

Residential lending hits $1.56trn



Loan volumes for residential lending continue their upward climb, hitting $1.56trn combining loans for both investors and owner occupiers.

The latest Monthly Banking Statistics from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) show an increase of $9.25bn (or 0.6%) between April and May this year.

Owner occupier loans consisted of just over $1trn or 64.8% of the total loans while investment lending sat at $550bn or 35.2%. This was an increase of $7bn for owner occupiers and $2.3bn for investors in the recorded one month period.

The big four banks held a total of $819.8bn in owner occupied lending (or 81.1%) and $469.6bn in investment lending (or 85.4%) with the individual figures in billions found below:
  Owner occupied (May) Owner occupied (April) Investor (May) Investor (April)
ANZ $163.3 $161.8 $82.5 $82.2
CBA $276.7 $274.6 $139.3 $139.2
NAB $140.4 $139.4 $102.7 $102.0
Westpac $239.4 $238.0 $145.2 $144.0

Growth was seen in owner occupier and investment lending across all major banks except NAB, where investment lending actually fell between April and May.

The following non-majors also had a significant number of owner occupier and investor loans with all figures again listed in billions: 
  Owner occupied (May) Owner occupied (Apr) Investor (May) Investor (Apr)
AMP Bank $8.9 $9.5 $2.7 $3.1
Bank of Queensland $15.9 $15.8 $11.2 $11.2
Bendigo & Adelaide Bank $22.9 $22.7 $11.9 $11.9
ING Bank $32.6 $32.5 $9.5 $9.4
Macquarie Bank $18.5 $18.2 $8.6 $8.7
ME $12.1 $11.9 $5.2 $5.1
Suncorp $28.5 $28.3 $11.7 $11.6

Amongst the non-majors, owner occupied lending increased for all lenders except AMP Bank whilst investment lending fell at AMP Bank and Macquarie while remaining steady at Bank of Queensland and Bendigo & Adelaide Bank.

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