Residex reveals top performing country suburbs

by AB04 Sep 2013

Residex has released its results for the top performing suburbs in each state for July, 2013.

Looking at the country housing markets for each state as a whole, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia were the top performers, with each market experiencing growth in the house and land markets, as well as the unit markets.

Tasmania was the worst country performer for the month, recording negative growth in both the house and land market and the unit market.

For the year ending July 2013, the top performing suburbs in each country property market were:

New South Wales

Coolah Houses: 24.97% growth

Bar Beach Units: 14.95% growth


Wandoan Houses: 23.71% growth

Mulambin Units: 18.69% growth


Marong Houses: 20.76% growth

California Gully Units: 10.98% growth

Western Australia

Abbey Houses: 19.94% growth

Beresford Units: 15.27% growth

South Australia

Kingston SE Houses: 21.63% growth

Nairne Units: 3.65% growth


Bicheno Houses: 8.94% growth

Riverside Units: 2.08% growth