Resimac expands its digital services to brokers

The improvements will help them get a faster "yes"

Resimac expands its digital services to brokers


By Mina Martin

Non-bank lender Resimac, in partnership with NextGen, has streamlined the task of applying for home loans, as part of its commitment to optimise the broker experience.

Accredited brokers now have access to Access Seeker and NextGenID within the NextGen ApplyOnline platform. The two new digital tools were designed to help improve the quality of applications and time to decision. This follows the soft launch of Access Seeker late last year.

“We are always looking for ways we can help our broker partners and make it easier for them to settle loans with Resimac,” said Chris Paterson (pictured above left), Resimac general manager distribution. “We’re grateful to NextGen for enabling us to provide more digital tools that help brokers provide a better service to their clients.”

Part of the ApplyOnline Financial Passport, the Access Seeker credit report service enables brokers to request a comprehensive credit report for their client directly from ApplyOnline, without leaving a credit enquiry footprint on the file. This functionality helps brokers facilitate a conversation with credit-impaired borrowers, so they can talk about any defaults prior to submission.

While lenders can’t see the comprehensive credit report, a new update to the service will soon be rolled out to indicate to Resimac whether liabilities have been verified by an Access Seeker credit report, helping fast-track application assessment and deliver a faster decision time. The update will also enable brokers to review, compare, and reconcile the report against borrower-declared application data in one go. 

Last month, the digital VOI service NextGenID was launched to simplify and automate the process of verifying the identity of clients. Brokers can simply send a request to a client to capture their identification requirements as part of the ApplyOnline application, saving them time and effort.

The introduction of these digital tools for brokers marks the strengthening of a successful relationship with NextGen that started with the initial rollout of ApplyOnline in 2010.

“As an industry, we’ve come an incredibly long way from the piles of paperwork and myriad manual processes that used to be required for a home loan application,” said Tony Carn, NextGen chief customer officer. “At NextGen, we’re always pushing the envelope of what’s possible when it comes to digitising mortgage applications, and we’re thrilled to continue this journey with Resimac.”

What do you think of the new digital services? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below. 

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