Responsible lending to begin a year early

by BN28 Aug 2009

Responsible lending requirements for mortgage brokers will kick-in on 1 January next year, following updates to the government's implementation table.

The same requirements pertaining to banks, non-banks and other ADIs along with registered finance corporations (RFCs) will only kick in a year later (1 Jan 2011).

Under the proposed new credit rules, responsible lending has two core elements: "If a loan is considered to be unsuitable for a consumer; and if they do not have the capacity to repay the loan, they will not be provided with the loan".

The timetable for implementing other responsible lending obligations including disclosure requirements, such as upfront disclosure of broker fees and charges, remains unchanged and only kicks on 1 July 2011.

"Bringing forward responsible lending conduct laws to apply to brokers and some lenders ensures that consumers can be immediately protected from any predatory and irresponsible lending," said financial services minister Chris Bowen. 

"While it is recognised that many brokers and lenders already meet these requirements through industry codes and standards, it will set a national standard for responsible lending and prohibit poor credit practices at an earlier stage. It will also allow consumers to access remedies for irresponsible lending sooner." 

"Importantly, under this new timetable for reform, there will be no gap in consumer protection between the 'turning off'; of the State and Territory credit regimes and the 'turning on'; of the new Commonwealth regime with these crucial responsible lending requirements," the minister added.

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  • by Steve 28/08/2009 11:49:22 AM

    Responsible lending, less brokers, no MFAA or FBAA, BETTER brokers, more share of the pie for the good brokers....please if you can, tell me a down side of this? It will also break the Banks monopoly of this industry which they have held through the MFAA. Can't wait to see that waste of time, rubbish institution go the way of the dinosaurs and global warming.....

  • by John Serafini 28/08/2009 8:21:33 PM

    About time.