Revealed: Australia's fastest growing regions

Wyndham tops the list over the past three years

Revealed: Australia's fastest growing regions


By Mina Martin

Wyndham in Victoria was Australia’s fastest growing region over the past three years, with an additional 34,500 to its population between 2019-2022 for a December estimate of 308,900 residents.

This despite COVID lockdowns that drove migration away from the state, according to a new KPMG report, which used statistical area three (SA3) regions, which are roughly aligned to local government areas, for its analysis.

After Wyndham, the second fastest growing in the nation was Blacktown North in Sydney, with an additional 30,100 people, followed by Casey South, Victoria, which added 29,400 to its population, Herald Sun reported.

Terry Rawnsley, KPMG demographics expert, said Melbourne’s “greenfield” areas had seen significant growth over the past three years but it had slowed from the previous period.

“The growth areas have offered new residents affordable housing compared to most established parts of Melbourne,” Rawnsley said.

He said that some intergenerational migrant families were attracted to buy in Wyndham during COVID.

“There was a bit of a ripple effect of people coming out of the Brimbank SA3 region around Sunshine (which) actually had a bit of a decline in COVID,” Rawnsley said. “People coming out of those crowded intergenerational homes, they already live in the west, they’re familiar with the area and Wyndham is more affordable.

“Other people who were renting during COVID, when the city lost its vibrancy and interest rates dropped down, might have said ‘I’ll take my previous two-bedroom apartment rent and get a mortgage on a three-bedroom house in Wyndham.’”

International borders were also open for the final year of the analysed period.

Angus Moore, PropTrack economist, said populations grew naturally in Melbourne’s fringes where new homes were built, but COVID also had a significant role to play.

“People were moving out of inner-city areas towards regional or outer suburban areas to find a bit more space at home,” Moore said. “People consistently wanted bigger dwellings through the pandemic so they could have a home office or have more space if they were locked down.”

Also among top 10 fastest growing Australian regions for 2019-2022 were Ormeau (Qld) up 24,500, Bringelly (NSW) 21,700, Melton (Vic) 20,500, Tullamarine (Vic) 18,800, Rouse Hill (NSW) 17,500, Swan (WA) 15,600, and Springfield (Qld) 14,300, Herald Sun reported.

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