Simplicity Homes & Advisory director announces $1 billion worth of loans

Leadership say result was in collaboration with Sprnt

Simplicity Homes & Advisory director announces $1 billion worth of loans


By Ryan Johnson

Commercial brokerage Simplicity Loans & Advisory has announced that managing director Jean-Pierre (JP) Gortan (pictured above left) has settled $1 billion in loans during the current financial year.

The company said this milestone is a testament to Gortan’s leadership and the transformative impact of Simplicity’s innovative technology, developed in collaboration with Sprnt.

Gortan said he was thrilled to reach the coveted figure, which was “not just about the numbers” but a testament to the trust clients had placed in the company and team.

“I want to extend a huge thank you to our amazing staff and clients. Without your hard work, commitment, and trust, none of this would be possible. Your unwavering support drives us to excel and deliver the best possible outcomes,” said Gortan.

“Special shout-out to Joshua Diab, my commercial associate, who has been an integral part of our success.”

Success developed through partnerships

Joint managing director Matthew Johnson (pictured above right) attributed the success to the company’s proprietary tech stack, which has “revolutionised the way our brokers operate”.

“The platform we've developed in partnership with Sprnt significantly enhances our brokers’ efficiency, enabling them to settle an average of over $140 million per broker annually, far surpassing industry standards,” Johnson said. 

“This tech-enabled approach positions us at the forefront of the digital transformation in the financial services sector.”

Simplicity’s technology integrates comprehensive data analysis, deal structuring, and seamless communication tools into a single platform.

Initially designed to streamline internal processes, Johnson said this technology has now become the cornerstone of its operations, driving 35% growth in business this year alone.

The platform's success has been so profound that Sprnt plans to make it available to other brokers in the first quarter of FY25.

 “JP’s outstanding performance is not just about numbers; it's about how our innovative technology empowers our team to deliver unparalleled service and efficiency,” said Ryan Nelson, general manager of Simplicity Loans & Advisory.

 “We are incredibly proud of JP's dedication and the remarkable achievements of our entire team. Their collective efforts, supported by our cutting-edge tech, have set new benchmarks in the industry,” Nelson said.

Simplicity: Highly specialised in navigating intricate negations

This technological edge has been pivotal in managing complex transactions, such as the recent $258 million aged care deal.

Gortan said the deal involved intricate negotiations among four lenders and showcased Simplicity’s ability to navigate highly specialised sectors with ease.

“As we celebrate these significant milestones, we extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated staff, clients, and partners,” Gortan said. “Their support and collaboration have been integral to our success.”

“We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in loan advisory services and continuing our journey of growth and excellence.”

Gortan said that when the team had started this journey, hitting the $1 billion mark wasn’t a specific goal.

Instead, the company’s focus has been on helping its clients navigate their financial needs, especially those facing significant challenges.

“This milestone means we've had the privilege to support a large number of clients, providing tailored financial solutions to meet their unique circumstances,” Gortan said.

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