Six trends brokers should prepare for in 2018

Brokers should ready themselves for a rate rise, loan switching and ongoing regulatory oversight

Six trends brokers should prepare for in 2018



ME general manager of broker sales Lino Pelaccia outlines six key lending trends that brokers are likely to encounter in 2018. 

1. Home loan repayments to increase 
The financial markets expect the RBA to start putting up rates in 2018. This means repayments could also increase, typically by $50 for every 25 b.p. rise on a $400,000 loan. With any rate rise, borrowers are likely to turn to brokers to ensure they are getting the best deal possible. 

2. Property prices to cool
Banking regulators want to see a slowdown in house price growth, and that’s what we expect in 2018. Limits on investor and interest-only loan growth may remain for the foreseeable future, which may continue to dampen investor activity and cool property prices. We’re already seeing this intervention starting to take effect. Brokers will continue to play a critical role in explaining the ever-evolving regulatory changes affecting property investors and advising them of the best lending options available.

3. More borrowers may switch loan type
The big switch is on in the mortgage market. In the past six months, the number of interest-only loans held by the banks have dropped by around $36bn, according to APRA. The trend of switching to principal and interest loans may continue in 2018, and is an important transformation that brokers can continue to assist their clients with.

4. First home buyers to make a comeback
With investors taking a step back, first home buyers may find more opportunities in 2018. They will continue to benefit from competitive interest rates, new concessions (if eligible) and ample apartment stock, although checks should always be made to ensure quality buys. With more first home buyer activity, brokers may expect to spend more time with their first-timer clients, coaching them through the journey as they get their foot in the door. 

5. Upgraders may continue to renovate
We’ve seen a substantial increase in renovation loan applications in 2017, a trend that we’re likely to see well into 2018 as households choose to renovate over moving. Upgraders are avoiding exorbitant moving costs such as stamp duty. We’re seeing some more top-ups as people take advantage of lower interest rates and leverage the extra equity in their property in order to finance renovations.

6. Owner occupiers to win from competitive lending rates 
With limits on investor and interest-only growth, banks are competing over a smaller piece of the lending pie, and are offering some great deals for owner occupiers. Brokers may see more consumers take action, stimulated by heightened advertising activity among banks. 

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