SMSF collaboration worth the investment

by AB13 Jun 2013

Opportunities in the SMSF space isn’t a new topic for brokers – but are the opportunities really being taken advantage of? Richard Chesworth from Macquarie Bank tells BrokerTV better collaboration between brokers and financial advisers is a relationship worth investing in.

“It’s a two-way street. First of all, the clients’ needs are fulfilled upon and the experience overall is a lot better. The client can speak to a planner to see if it’s suitable, so you might find a broker has a client come in and the transaction may not be suitable. That broker can’t provide advice, but they can ask the right questions - and in asking the right questions, if the client can’t answer them in an appropriate manner, [the brokers] have got the referral partners to introduce their clients to.”

“We’re talking about peoples’ retirement funds here. We’ve [at Macquarie] have got an education series of what we’ve seen and what we’ve experienced. We’re providing the tools to help them understand the market better, so we’ve got everything from the limited recourse borrowing calculator to other sites, which is a lot of information for brokers. But the up-skilling’s key. It is a specialist form of lending and we need to get that right.

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