Social networking site invites brokers to virtual land grab

by Adam Smith11 Apr 2013


The founder of a social media site for real estate has called on brokers to join a "virtual land grab" for leads. CEO Darren Moffatt has said the social networking site will build 15,000 "micro property forums" for every suburb in Australia. He said the move will "connect people based on where they live or want to invest".
"It's like a virtual land grab; it's new online real estate that could prove very valuable to brokers in the future. I can't reveal too much at this stage, but I can say that Housenet will soon provide connections between people with a hyper-local focus," Moffatt said.
Moffatt called on brokers to build a presence on the site as it readies itself to focus on consumers.
"Brokers who get in early and establish a voice on the Housenet forum for their suburb first stand to benefit most, both from the expansion of their digital footprint, and - more importantly - from the new relationships they can establish online," Moffatt said.