Star broker signs ten-year deal with real estate firm

A high-profile mortgage broker has signed a ten-year deal with one of the nation's biggest real estate agencies



Century 21 Home Loans has partnered with leading finance broker, Peter Ellis, in a move that will see Ellis service home loan leads for customers across the Century 21 brand.

The deal will allow Century 21 to offer its clients access to lower interest rates, faster loan approval times and all financial broking products through Ellis’ preferential lender offerings.

Ellis last year settled $97 million in home loans and was regularly a finalist in Australian Mortgage Awards and Australian Broker Awards.  He’s also won numerous AFG awards and won MFAA broker of the Year in 2006.

Charles Tarbey, chairman and owner of Century 21 Australasia, says home loans and insurances within the Century 21 network have grown significantly in recent months.

“Century 21 recorded the highest number of mortgage application in March 2013, since inception of the business in 2007. Demand for a convenient and quality mortgage broking services has continued to grow.  A growing number of customers are demanding real estate agents assist them and make buying the property as affordable and convenient as possible.”

Ellis believes mortgage brokers need to diversify their business channels and that real estate sales leads provide the greatest opportunity to mortgage broking businesses. 

“Real estate offers the largest number of customer contacts,” he says. “While not every client will proceed to an application, we find that this does not rule them out altogether. We use AFG’s SMART program, which prompts these client to either refinance, call us once they can afford to buy a property or when they have found a property they want.”

Prior to joining Century 21, Ellis worked with McGrath Oxygen Home Loans for ten years and won 2012 McGrath Broker of the Year.

Ellis says the ability to own and operate his own business franchise were the key determinative factors in deciding to leave McGrath and sign a ten-year deal with Century 21 Home Loans.  

“Century 21 Home Loans gives me access to real estate leads, but also has a very competitive aggregation platform that lets me grow my own business - Ellis Partners.  This enables me to build relationships with external referrers and get paid higher commission, while building my book with Century 21 Home Loans.”

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