Tech company 'amping up' broker training

by Adam Smith26 Nov 2014
A tech provider says it is "amping up" broker training to help brokers fully utilise processing efficiencies.

NextGen.Net sales director Tony Carn has said the company's ApplyOnline software and Supporting Docs feature is seeing brokers gain faster turnaround times. But Carn argued many brokers are under-utilising the tools due to a lack of awareness.

“We’ve released some fabulous features over the past couple of years and we want to make sure our customers reap their full benefit. So we’re amping up our training to maximise awareness and use of these features,” Carn said.

The company's training manager, Michael Tong, said proper training will help brokers "reap the benefits three-fold".

“Brokers are often time-poor. They want to get an application out the door and to the lender so they can start working on the next deal,” Tong said. “In addition, brokers are accustomed to doing things a certain way and may not be aware there is a better and faster way. New features within ApplyOnline enhance the quality of applications; and if they just spend a few more minutes upfront, the result will be much faster turnaround times.”

Carn said usage rates for Supporting Docs for lenders "who pioneered the technology" had climbed to 40%.

“Supporting Docs is a classic example of how lenders and brokers can work together to achieve significant efficiency gains. With ‘Tongy’ providing critical training support we’ll soon see Supporting Docs become the standard.”