Tech provider upgrades user experience

by Madison Utley04 Apr 2019

The primary technology provider to the mortgage lending industry has implemented a series of improvements intended to enhance optimal user experience (‘UX’) for its systems and products.

NextGen.Net has taken steps to eradicate redundancies and streamline processes in accordance with user feedback in the past months.

“Users’ expectations are getting higher and it’s incumbent upon technology to meet them,” says UX team lead Prince Antony, who joined the company last year specifically to drive user experience strategy.

Antony spoke about the further planned enhancements for the company’s ApplyOnline user interface (UI).

He explained, “Our aim is to continually improve usability. Looking through a UX lens, we’re streamlining the design and development process to deliver optimal solutions for all parties in the lending value chain.”

A ‘Supporting Documents’ service is set to launch in May as part of this effort.

“I’ve examined the whole process, taking into account user interaction and product requirements and re-designed the experience accordingly,” Antony said, explaining that his goal is to “deliver a user-friendly, coherent experience that flows simply and easily.”

The design upgrades were generated from a combination of user feedback and analytical data.

 “Consistency and readily understandable navigation pathways ensure users interact with the platform with ease,” Antony concluded.