The eco-friendly home loan

by Mackenzie McCarty12 Feb 2013

The eco-revolution has officially reached the mortgage broking sector, with one non-major lender aiming to solidify its stake in the ‘green’ market.

Bankmecu, which has offered a special home loan for borrowers with a 7-star or more rated home according to the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, is now in the midst of organising ‘speed dates’ between home owners and sustainable designers – something which managing director, Damien Walsh, says will help buyers find out how to invest wisely in a new home, save money and do their bit for the environment.

Dubbed ‘Speed Date a Sustainable Designer’, the event is being held by not-for-profit organisation Alternative Technology Association (ATA) on February 17 in Melbourne as part of the Sustainable Living Festival – and ties in with the bank’s other eco-friendly products.

Walsh says it’s an opportunity for members of the public to arrange a free chat with some of Australia’s leading green building designers about their plans for a sustainable renovation or building project.

“Bankmecu…aims to become the financier of choice for sustainably built homes in Australia.”

Walsh says that, among other perks, evidence is beginning to show that sustainably designed homes may appreciate more strongly than homes that are inefficient to operate.

“Supporting this event is part of our broader commitment as a carbon neutral business to invest our customer money in ways that encourage people to live more sustainable lifestyles.”