Toni Lamb: Championing mortgage success

Two decades of transforming Gold Coast mortgages

Toni Lamb: Championing mortgage success


By Mina Martin

Toni Lamb (pictured above), principal and lending specialist at LJ Hooker Home Loans Gold Coast, has made significant strides in the finance and real estate sectors, from starting a property management business to excelling in mortgage brokering.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, she brings deep knowledge and empathy to her role, inspiring and making a difference in the lives of many on the Gold Coast through her expertise in mortgage brokering.

Entering the broking world

“I became a broker in 2008 when the GFC hit,” Lambs recalls about her shift to mortgage broking after redundancy at Macquarie Bank. “I had a year off and then I went and started working as a broker, learning as much as I could during this period.”

Positive developments in the industry

Lamb notes a crucial shift in the industry: “Brokers are the first port of call when someone needs a mortgage instead of going to the banks, this is a great achievement for our industry.” She praises the evolution that now sees brokers offering choice, service, and personalised care to their clients.

Current challenges and solutions

Facing economic fluctuations and high home loan rates, Lamb sees the main challenge as ensuring clients manage their loan repayments.

“For us, we are here to assist them and ensure we get them through this challenging time,” she says, highlighting the support brokers provide during economic downturns.

Memorable experiences and lessons learned

Lamb shares a touching story of a client who had to navigate financial independence after a long marriage ended.

“The lesson is always never judge anyone, show empathy but you must have the knowledge and relationship skills to ensure you do the best for your clients,” she says.

Advice for aspiring brokers

For those entering the industry, Lamb advises: "Listen, learn, and have a great mentor who can give you the guidance you need.”

She underscores that building knowledge and trust are paramount in mortgage brokering, where brokers assist with significant life transactions.

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