Top bank BDM: 'I base my career on being a relationship person'

AMA 2012 Best Bank BDM award winner, Nick Murray, says a focus on relationships is the key to his success



Nick Murray won Best Bank BDM at last year's Australian Mortgage Awards. We caught up with Nick to find out what how important BDMs are to the banks.

(Click image to view video interview with Nick Murray)

So how do you feel now you’ve won the award?

Actually really honoured. Slightly humbled. The business behind me is fantastic. Having a great business behind me allows me to do the sort of job that I can do to my optimal capacity. It’s fantastic.

How important do you think BDMs are to the banks?

I base my whole career on just being a relationship person, so having a great BDM is not the be all and end all but I think it’s probably up there with the most important part of getting lending.

What do you think of the Awards tonight?

Fantastic actually, great venue. I flew up from Melbourne this afternoon and rushed here. Fantastic venue, great night, looking forward to it!

Nominations for the 2013 Australian Mortgage Awards are open until Friday 26th July. Click here to submit your entries now.


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